Shining Light – a Story of a Failed IVF Journey

The Shining Light Business was started as a result of my our IVF journeys and the desire to empower other women and children to implement the concepts of gratitude, positive affirmations and kindness to one self and others.
We are sisters a year apart however as individuals our IVF journeys were different in many ways . We are however both fortunate to be mothers of one child each - our Shining Lights - who are now both in the teen stages 🤦‍♀️
Last month Claudia had the opportunity of officially being a guest blogger and have one of her written stories released on the USA fertility website Circle & Bloom. You can read the full article here:
Please read and share with any other women that might need some support in this area . The Circle and Bloom website have wonderful resources , apps and guest blog stories to help all women relating to pregnancy .
Our business page Shining Light is located on Facebook and Instagram at
Stay tuned for more exciting projects Claudia is currently collaborating with.
Sending Love and Shining Light 💛