The Good Italian Girl

The Good Italian Girl

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The Good Italian Girl contains the journey of Claudia Callisto, told through her proud Australian-Italian eyes.

Claudia shares her experiences of growing up in an Italian family, both the highs and lows, as she struggled to find her own identity due to the unwritten cultural rules she often felt pressured to follow.

After taking the leap from feeling stuck to re-energised, Claudia has emerged as a woman on a mission with new insights to share with her ethnic soul sisters, Giussa's, and mothers of the world!



I'm an International Number 1 Best Selling Author!!!

On the day we launched my book on Amazon 24/8/2021  The Good Italian Girl has climbed to the top of the bestseller lists in 16 Categories in Australia, the USA and Canada!!

Seeing my book over-take the likes of Mel Robbins and Robin Sharma and Jay Shetty has been amazing!

The Good Italian Girl hit multiple Best Seller Lists across Australia, the US, and Canada!

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