The Good Italian Girl and Friends Podcast

The Good Italian Girl and Friends Podcast: A Personal Story of Awakening and Redefining the Cultural Rules as an Australian-Italian Woman Claudia Callisto the best-selling author of the good Italian girl brings you her podcast series The Good Italian Girl and Friends.“I was determined not to simply be a good Italian girl.I was secretly dreaming big. Far bigger than what good Australian-Italian girls were expected to be. I wanted to have it all - travel the world, have a successful career and tick off everything on my bucket list. Plus, I'd get married, raise a big Italian family, and achieve all that other stuff I was pre-programmed to do. And no one was going to stop me!" The Good Italian Girl and Friends Podcast with your host Claudia Callisto. Brought to you by Shining Light

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Episode 1

Angelina and Claudia are high school friends that were recently reunited. During the podcast, they reminisce and discuss how their lives progressed since leaving school and the memories as daughters of Italian immigrant parents growing up in a big Italian family in the 80s. They discuss what the Italian culture means to them and how it has influenced their life and what specific Italian cultural aspects they valued and have maintained. Now as their parents are getting older they discuss how family members can assist their parents in planning for their future environment and making life more comfortable for them as they grow older. Brought to you by Shining Light

Episode 2

A very funny podcast where Claudia is reunited with her “Giussa” girlfriends from university. They met as young ambitious ethnic women and they developed a special supportive connection. During the podcast they laugh together about the fun times at University, going out clubbing in the 80s and reflecting on their culture and what influenced them throughout their lives as young women and now as mothers. A funny podcast filled with lots of laughter and funny stories growing up and the expectations that were placed on them as ethnic women and as daughters of Italian and Greek parents. The guests also have some wonderful insights into what cultural influences and wisdom they have imparted to their own children. Brought to you by Shining Light

Episode 3

A very funny episode filled with banter and constant laughter as Claudia interviews another family of sisters. From the start of the podcast, you are also laughing out loud and you feel like you are physically sitting with them around the kitchen table listening to their stories. The beautiful sister connection comes through this unique episode as they interact, interrupt, laugh and share their antics growing up in an Italian family and how they also managed to enjoy life despite their dad's strictness. Brought to you by Shining Light