Shining Light Featured in Il Globo

I’m just so grateful for my recent article in the national Italian paper Il Globo Monday 11 october 2021 written by the Adelaide journalist Emma Luxardo who I was fortunate to meet on the day I was being interviewed on Radio Italiana 531 about my solo book “The Good Italian Girl “

The media exposure of my solo book to the wide Italian community via this article is one amazing aspect of this article. 💛 🙏

However on a personal level my Dad who has now passed. An event that was very much a trigger for writing this book would be literally jumping up and down that his subborn and firey Good Italian daughter was infact featured in his beloved and treasure Italian newspaper. 🙌

IL Globo was my dads bible and he would always have a copy with him every week since I can remember. My dad read it from cover to cover and absorbed everything in it. We even placed a copy of the paper on his coffin with his reading glasses.

My dad didn’t speak or read English very well but he remained connected with the world and Australia through this one weekly Italian newspaper. His personal time during the week was reading the paper and working in his vegetable garden.

My dad who was a quiet man would talk to us about what he read in the paper at the dinner table and we would always inform us of his opinions and which article he resonated with.

This one is for you PA in heaven .. hope I made you proud !