We've gone global!

WOW! So grateful, thankful and blessed 🙏
I Woke-up this morning to find out I've been featured in the World media!
FOX, NBC, CBS, The Boston Herald, and NY Headline all shared my story!
I've reached millions of people around the world! My message has gone global! 💛
It is so honoured to be featured discussing my personal journey.
My aim has always been to bring the topic of infertility and IVF into the light and help start a dialogue to both empower those going through the difficult process and to teach those around them what it is like so they can be more empathetic.
The business Shining light is also part of this focus and aims at helping those undergoing infertility and all women and children by providing some tools to assist with the practice of gratitude, positivity, mindfulness and kindness to one self and others
A big thankyou to my amazingly talented publisher Emma Hamlin from Change Makers Press.
You can read the article here: