A rollicking, heartwarming memoir


A stirring catharsis about being a young woman of the eighties to maturity as a wife, mother, employee and business owner. Along with the big hair, the big shoulders, and the seemingly endless possibilities of a first-generation child of immigrants, the author explains how she and her contemporaries, interviewed at length for this memoir, dealt with the struggle of continuously straddling the dichotomy of family and cultural expectations. Whilst this is a well-trodden subject, the author brings humour and sincerity to the picture. Most surprisingly though, is the struggle also faced as a woman in the contemporary Australian workforce, who expected equality, but found blatant discrimination as both a woman and an ethnic. The memoir reveals the insidious attitudes still prevalent more than 50 years after the birth of the Women's Liberation movement. Holding up a mirror to underlying Australian attitudes, the memoir reveals that personal strength and determination unaccompanied by institutional change condemns us to limping along the racetrack. A must-read for all young women about to embark on a career and for us older ones, coming to terms with our own experiences.

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