This Girl is on fire!!! 🔥

It’s only been a few weeks since my client Claudia released her Amazon bestseller, The Good Italian Girl, and it’s GLORIOUS to see the amazing opportunities that have opened up for her!
🔥 She’s secured media features and radio interviews
🔥She’s been invited to showcase the book at the Adelaide Italian Festival this November! Amazing exposure for her!
🔥She’s already been invited back for another segment on Radio Italiana (see photo!)
🔥Has started her own Book Club Community for women (the first event is already booked-out!)
🔥Is currently planning an amazing book launch event with local businesses lining-up to be sponsors!
And this is just the beginning!!
What I love about Claudia is that she took ACTION and turned her dreams and ideas into reality. She didn’t just ‘talk’ about writing a book, she worked closely with me and actually published it!
Publishing a book is the most powerful way to get your message in front of a much larger audience.
The right book helps you open the door for new, incredible opportunities.
You’ll create next-level influence and brand awareness.
You’ll build meaningful connections with others that will literally light your soul on fire!
I am loving watching Claudia’s journey unfold ❤️
(And how great is this photo of her at Radio Italiana with her mum joining her?!
So much goodness right here!!)