I have such  appreciation for Shining Light and it’s direction as it has given me. Since being introduce to writing in my daily gratitude journal I feel For the first time I have  been given permission to reflect within.
As a mother of 3 teenagers, a  wife and a full time Advanced Consultant Nurse I barely or ever have time for me. Ever since buying my daily journal from Shining Light and also using my coffee cup that says ‘you got this’ I start my day everyday with confidence!

Such a honour to have Shining light in my life
And have learnt that time spent on me makes me a better person for all of life’s demands.

Many thanks
Kate Stepic


I have watched my friends Claudia and Diana  develop their business to help others with their wellbeing and mental health through their large variety of  Shining Light products.

The journals are a wonderful daily reminder to all of us that we need  to think above the line and think about the positives in our life , but they also make you reflect and scribble down the daily positives to focus on.

I have brought many of these journals and use them in my corporate role everyday as a reminder to not get stressed about the daily tasks that face us - especially during these times. Focus on your mindset and this will help you through whatever is troubling you...

 My teenage daughter has also been helped by the positive affirmation cards and the gratitude Jar. She suffers anxiety, and having a positive task to write or read or add into her gratitude jar everyday is a really effective way of remaining positive and relieving anxiety ongoing through reflecting on the message..

Our mind is a powerful thing and with the stresses that we have in our daily lives, using tools and products to help us stay positive and focussed on our wellbeing is vitally important to our long term mental health.

 Wonderful products to help live a mindful existence everyday…

 Gina Marchetti , Transformation Manager , Infrabuild


How lucky we were to find Shining Light, an amazing small business, I explained to Claudia what I was looking for and her recommendations were spot on.

We have a special needs boy who is 9 & any small changes in routine can result in anxiety, behavioural changes & meltdowns. This has become our "happy, no worries" kit. The journal is amazing, it has pages dedicated to positive mindset, exploring your feelings and moods and breathing techniques to calm, in a relatable way for children. We all LOVE the Super Power cards, we pull one each week, hang it on the fridge and refer to it daily. The Worry Doll is with him most days, he takes it to school with him and it's really helped to make the mornings less stressful for him. We have seen such a difference in the regularity of his anxiety, with him recognizing when he needs to take some deep breaths to regulate, using the journal helps him understand himself too. Thanks so much xx


Julie Krawczynski


I bought this planner at a time when I was struggling to organise not only myself but my mind... I inspire myself every day to lead in my heals and to take time out to reward myself <3